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Website Formatting Standards
Basic Formatting Rules


Standard Format

Dates September 21, 2012
Times 1:00 p.m.
Phone Numbers Ph: (408) 555-5555
Fax Numbers Fax: (408) XXX-XXXX



Hyperlink Functionality Hyperlinks will be set to open in New Window unless the hyperlink is a link to a page within the City website.
Email Hyperlinks – can use generic department email addresses, mail to links where the name is the link to the email address, or can use a contact form in place of email addresses. Use department email addresses such as instead of individual email addresses. The use of Mailto links will also be implemented. The name will be the link.
Graphics All graphics will be .jpg, .png or .gif. The resolution on all graphics should be 72 dpi or web-quality.
Click Here Avoid this term.
Under Construction Do not use the term “Under Construction” on a page that has no content. Instead, hide the page until it is ready to be published and viewed.
Underlining Underline hyperlinks only.
ALL CAPS Avoid the use of All Caps.
Use “&” in headlines and subheads For Web Use Only: use serial commas at the end of a series of items. Ex. houses, trailers, and boats. Use the 3rd comma. However, Associated Press (AP) Style is followed for news releases and other documents.
Spell out the months in content areas For Web Use Only: Recommend always spelling out months. However, AP Style is followed for news releases and other documents.
Abbreviate addresses like St., Rd., Hwy. Always abbreviate addresses unless in a paragraph.
Numbers in addresses Spell out and capitalize First through Ninth when used as street names and using figures with two letters for 10th and above: Ex. 7 Fifth Ave., 100 21st St.
Use of % vs. percent For Web Use Only: use the % symbol. Use AP Style for news releases and other documents.
Capitalize the word city Capitalize the word City when it is referencing the organization. Ex. City of San José, the City.
How to handle "email" Email is now one word.
How to handle “website” Website is one word.
Are there any areas that won’t be alphabetized? There may be some areas (ex. navigation) in which the items will be ordered in level of importance.