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Water Efficiency
 Puppy holding hose in mouth Let’s Make Water Efficiency a Way of Life 
Our community has done great work to save water. The City of San José joins the Santa Clara Valley Water District and San José water service providers in asking all residents and businesses to continue to do their part to preserve our drinking water supply. The City has water use rules that remain in effect at all times, regardless of water supply conditions. These rules are established in the San José Municipal code or by local water service providers.
View San José's Water Use Rules for Residents and Water Use Rules for Businesses.

Water Saving Tips
There are lots of ways to save water. Shortening your shower by just 5 minutes can save 15 gallons indoors. Learn more about water saving tips.

Water Service in San José
There are three water retailers in San José. In addition to local and state regulations, each retailer has their own regulations and recommendations that are specific to their customers. Please visit the website for your water retailer for more information.

Saving water can also save energy 
Reducing your water use or using water more efficiently can help reduce the energy used to deliver, treat, heat and process water. Learn more about how water and energy are linked with the following reports: